Cloud ERP Success Stories – 3 CEOs Discuss Using Acumatica Cloud ERP


The CEOs of AME Corporation, J Goodin, and DDB Unlimited, discuss their experiences and testify to why Acumatica is their cloud ERP of choice. Acumatica empowers SMBs to benefit from the best of what the cloud has to offer.

Acumatica is a leading cloud ERP software vendor that delivers the benefits of Cloud and SaaS without sacrificing customization, control, security, or speed. Acumatica includes Distribution Management, Financial Management, CRM, and Project Accounting applications. It is priced by server, not by user, so you can automate processes which involve everybody in your organization. You can deploy Acumatica on premise, host Acumatica on a virtual or dedicated server, or run Acumatica on a cloud computing environment according to the needs and resources of your business. Acumatica allows you to purchase a traditional software license or purchase software and services together (SaaS). You have the flexibility to switch between models, even after you customize and deploy your software.

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